Want to use FME Servers features or share big amounts of data, but lacking the infrastructure? It’s no longer the problem! Try FME Cloud! 


FME Cloud is a hosted version of FME Server. It allows to enjoy benefits of FME Server functionality without investing in an appropriate infrastructure. Simply create data transformation scripts using FME Desktop, then use FME Cloud to run them real-time and fully automate your processes. Choosing FME Cloud, you don’t have to think about the costs of creating and maintaining FME Server infrastructure – we will take care of it!

Pricing on FME Cloud is clear – you can choose the flexibility of FME Cloud or pay a yearly fee. Check the prices here.

FME Cloud Features  


Unlimited engine numbers

It allows processing tasks simultaneously, that’s particularly useful to connect data from multiple online sources. You can add as many engines as you want. Keep in mind that performance for larger jobs may be constrained by hardware. 


Agility and Flexibility 

You are in control of your costs and hardware. In a one minute you can change the hard drive size or plan the schedule to run your instance. You can create backups with just one click of a button. Changes are easy to make in FME Cloud. 


REST API Interface

REST API puts you in control. Requests are made through clear URLs and responses are formatted in clear, readable JSON. FME Cloud also plays nicely with other APIs, making customized integrations easy.


Highly Scalable

In case where your processes are loaded with peak data, FME Cloud can handle it all. You can instantly scale up or down depending on your needs. Using exactly how much computing power you need, means significant savings.  


Mobile support and notifications 

No need to wait 24h/7 at your desk. You can manage your processes using mobile apps, and setup notifications that inform you about eventual errors or problems.  


Always Up to Date 

No waiting on fixed release dates. Product improvements are ongoing throughout the year, and you’re in control of how they’re applied. The most popular way is to simply enjoy the new features, letting it all happen automatically.

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