FME Server allows full automation of the processes created with FME Desktop 

  • Create data transforming scripts using FME Desktop// Create workflows in FME Desktop
  • Publish scripts on FME Server
  • Create an automation via scheduling and triggers
  • Enjoy your time saved

With the 2019.1 update, FME Server automation became even easier and faster than before. The interface is more intuitive than it was in the previous versions.

Users can now preview the previously created workflows, however we cannot make changes to it from FME Server.  

Automate your processes in real-time based on:

  • Recurring schedule
  • Receiving message – e-mail or other like Amazon SQS, JMS, UDP or WebSocket
  • File modifications on FME Server
  • File modifications on outside servers and services like Dropbox, FTP, GoogleDrive, Amazon S3

With the data already processed its possible to send its results directly to the outside databases, services of to the e-mail address. Additionally, FME Server has a REST API that allows creating apps for sharing and downloading data or data analysis.  

What FME Server can help you with? 

  • Process data without running scripts manually – Transform data any time of day or night without the necessity to run a script every time and enjoy the time it saves you. You can set up notifications to inform you about transformations results or eventual errors.
  • Browsing through published scripts without having to open them in FME Desktop
  • Supplying systems – Direct connection with outside databases and systems 
  • Data Download – thanks to REST API it’s possible to create apps for download and sharing data
  • Report generation  the ability to create reports in real-time
  • Data synchronization  simultaneously connect data from multiple sources
  • Real-time monitoring – Display data in real-time for example vehicle positions in public transportation.
  • Direct app creator – FME Server 2019.1 allows sharing scripts as apps via URL addresses. It allows for app customizations like headers, icons and description. FME is possible to set default user paramete

FME Server Features  


Highly Scalable

Whether you’re a small local shop or a large international organization, FME Server can meet your automation needs. And as you grow, FME Server can seamlessly scale up with additional engines. 


Data Security

Our entire business is built on data, that means the security and privacy of your data is our top priority. For a closer look at the security precautions we have in place, please read through the FME Server Security Whitepaper.


REST API Interface 

Included with FME Server is a powerful REST API, that gives you control over a wide range of FME Server functionality. Manage user accounts and other settings to ensure FME Server is tailored to your needs. 


System Reliability 

FME Server was created on Failproofed architecture, that can be adjusted to be used on different engines. In case of emergency, it is possible to use recovery mode to restart FME configuration and its components. 


Easy to use

Despite being a highly complex and powerful tool, FME Server is very easy to use. The installation process takes only couple of minutes. User-friendly interface is intuitive and easy to learn. 

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