Are you interested in FME’s capabilities? Do you want to learn all about it and how to use it? 

Our FME Courses

  • Our FME Courses are carried out by Certified FME trainers, that will gladly assist you with learning all about data transformation and process automation.
  • Each course consists of theoretical introduction, followed by the practical part- working on FME software. The courses are designed according to the thematic scope suggested by the software manufacturer, extended by exercises on national data.
  • The scope of work is our basic offer. We can customize the offer to meet your needs. We can offer dedicated courses, that can be altered around your company’s needs. If you have an idea on how to use FME and wish to learn how to implement it, we are open for offers and propositions, and will gladly plan dedicated training for you.
FME training

FME Desktop Basic

In this 2-day course, the participants will be introduced the main functionalities and tools of the FME Desktop, such as:

  •  Working on CAD and GIS data
    Processing the geometric and attribute data
  • Data transformation between formats and coordinate systems
  • Validation the consistency, correctness, and quality of data
  • Conversion and integration of data from various spatial and non-spatial sources
  • Loading, replication, updating and data migration to various GIS and database systems
FME training

FME Desktop Advanced

In this 2-day course, our participants will be introduced to advanced usage techniques and additional functionalities of the FME Desktop, such as:

  •  Discussing of the latest FME Desktop features
  • Building advanced transformations using FME Workbench
  • Parameterization of scripts and batch processing
  • Working on lists
  • Applications of regular expressions
  • Sharing FME resources
  • Advanced actions on attributes
  • Loading, replication, updating and data migration to various GIS and database systems
  • System log analysis and improving the speed and efficiency of scripting
FME training

FME Server

This 2-day course is an introduction to the knowledge about FME Server architecture, configuration and practical use of this software, such as:

  •   FME Server architecture
    Communication with FME Workbench and Workflow publication
    Admin console and FME Server user
    Processes automation
  • Setting up notification service
    Publication of data – FME Server as WMS and WFS server
  • Introduction of FME Server Web services (Data Upload, Data Download, Data Steaming, Job Submitter)

If you want to take part in one of our training courses or have any additional questions, you can contact us